Monday, July 25, 2011

Bamboobies Reviews

First off I would like to inform all my readers and followers that I do not have boobs nor do the petite training bra size nipples I have leak in the slightest, so now that I can dispel anyone's confusion about how a man would do a review; well my wife is the one to actually use the product and can give some great info to anyone who is interested in the great differences between cotton and bamboo breast pads. however i can give some differences between cotton and bamboo that make bamboo a much better product for you to consider. the one best thing in regards to bamboo is that itbis a natural antimicrobial agent which is a most obvious decision to start off with because you wouldnt want to eat spoiled milk that is full of germs and bacteria correct? so why wouldnt you help stop those leaks and naturally kill any bacteria that make devlop on yand around your boob? because we all know that germs and bacteria are bad especially for newborns and since washing your boobs with soap can dry out your skin and while you breast feed it would make it easier for you to get cracked and broken skin. therefore keeping them protected without needed to santize as often keeps you and your baby happy. the next great thing about bamboo is it soaks up a lot more water per inch than cottonso for those of you super leakers that way you do not need to change your pad every hour. then the last thing about bamboo is that it actually stays with your bodys natural regulation in body tempurature instead of heating up your boobies with cotton making them leak more your bamboobies will allow a better cool down with means less leakage.

now for the product in question we have their regular heart shapped boobie pad which is a excellent buy since it has a outer sell that blocks any milk from escaping and destroying your clothes. its lightweight, thin, and flexible so no one would notice you wearing it. now for those earlier mentioned heavy leaker they do have the overnight bamboobie whcih is perfect for nighttime since it is thick and can soak up everything you dish out to it. for anyone who needs a good, reliable, and reusable breast pad these come out on tops.

currently i  working from my mobile device and unable to post direct links to the company but please check out my wifes page for more information or google search bamboobies.


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