Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meeno Babies Review and GIVEAWAY!

Whew, talk about summer heat huh? This summer has been rough for a lot of families throughout the U.S. especially with the really bad heat wave the struck a lot of east coasters. Now stop and think... if I was sitting in a stroller being pushed around all day in the heat even I would over heat and sweat as an adult which can lead me to dehydration and even serious hot weather injuries. Well think how your little one feels because they can not produce sweat as easily as when can and even if and when they do start sweating a lot their bodies still do not cool off as easily as our own and for all of you out there with newborns when they are out in the heat or sweating all day long even with regular feeding they might be sweating out more water than their tiny tummies are able to hold. Mind you force hydration on a newborn is never safe and they might be too full and puke any fluids up well your left with two options take your child to the hospital or take preventative measures in assuring your child stays cool and will not over heat.

This is where Meeno Babies comes to the rescue, their three ply seat covers allow for cool air to flow to your child and take out any hot air or sweat that your child may have allowing them to keep cool in these hot summer months.

Not only that but these are all season seat liners that have been crash tested, so you know it is safe to use in your vehicle. I live in a hot and dry state out in the west coast so I understand the need to be cool so when we saw this online we knew that this was something that our could not do without and even though we ohly take our walks when the sun starts going out it still can have tempuratures of 90°. When I come ome from work I even get all sweaty where my body touches my seat, why should you let your kids suffer the same thing. So we wanted to be safer than sorry so we made to sure to get him a stroller seat liner which has really helped us out in keeper him cool and breezy.
So here is you chance to win your very own Meeno Baby liner!!!
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Purchase your own here!
Finally please make sure you visit their site and tell me which one you want.

Keep cool and have a great rest of the summer everyone!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Little man says his first word!

It was awesome he kept spouting off Dada like a million times till his jaw probably hurt and so he slowed down a bit. What was your kids first word? What did you hope the their first word was?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wubbanub Review

WubbaWHAT? I'll tell you what; for those of you who do not know what a wubbanub is, to simply put it, it is a stuffed animal with a binkie attached. What could be better! We all know just how much your children love to have their binkie while they run around with they stuffed animals flailing in the one hand. Well now they can have the cupcake and eat it too. (literally in some strange sense) For those of you who are visual learners here's a picture of what I am talking about

My son love this toy because it is easy for him to grab and since he is a baby, everything they pick up and touch must go into the mouth. So what better than a toy where they can do exactly that and these are leightweight so my son can pick him up without a problem. Intact he does not let it leave his side and will not take any other binkies. Heres a photo of my little man sleeping soundly with his animal.

Also since the binkie is attached to a toy it makes it harder to loose so when your child happens to throw it away from themselves you can find it without searching everywhere. So make this toy a part of your kids collection today!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Duckle Dance gift pack GIVEAWAY brought to you by Capezio & Wisharoo Park!

Wisharoo Park is proud to partner with Capezio.  Dedicated to the art of dance since 1887, Capezio revolutionized the dance world with dancewear and footwear products for every dancer from beginner to professional. Capezio operates retail stores carrying the full lines of all Capezio/Ballet Maker Inc. brands in New York City and several major cities nationwide. For more information, visit

So what is the Duckle Dance?  It’s a little bit of ballet, a little bit of tap, and a whole lot of whatever you want it to be but, most importantly, its moving and grooving family fun for all!

The Duckle Dance Sweepstakes Presented by Capezio and Wisharoo Park is open now through September 1st, 2011 for video submissions.  It presents countless opportunities for preschool dancers’ Duckle Dance videos to spiral out over the Internet as the next viral video stars.  In keeping with Wisharoo Park’s mission, the promotion is intended to encourage children to 'get moving' and help them build confidence and self-esteem, encourage innovation, and above all have fun!

The Duckle Dance Sweepstakes is a wonderful parent and child shared activity that is guaranteed to enthrall, enrich and entertain for hours on end.

Once captured on video parents can enter their child’s performance in the Duckle Dance Sweepstakes Presented by Capezio and Wisharoo Park for a chance to win the special prizes and/or dance scholarships provided by Capezio and Wisharoo Park.  To enter parents simply upload the video to their facebook or YouTube account, and then visit where they submit the facebook or YouTube video link as part of the easy entry process. Duckle Dance Sweepstakes Presented by Capezio and Wisharoo Park is all about fun and dance submissions are completely open to individual interpretation.  In the Duckle Dance no step is wrong, no leap falls short, no tap is off.  The sky is the limit as Capezio and Wisharoo Park applaud and salute the creativity and individuality expressed by each and every entrant with prize winners to be chosen through a random drawing.

Wisharoo Park is dedicated to promoting positive self-image and self-esteem in preschool age children. It was originally introduced by airing as a children’s TV series on PBS stations across the country and is now rolling out as a dynamic multimedia program which includes the interactive website, DVDs and more! .

Unique among preschool programs, Wisharoo Park is designed to help children age 3 – 6 recognize and appreciate their individuality. With its groundbreaking technology-based curriculum, Wisharoo Park helps children discover and understand their personal strengths and put them on the road to developing greater self-esteem.  The enchanting online community stars a whimsical cast of loveable animated, puppet and human characters who are featured in games, videos, music and more!  Each week exciting new activities and content are added that are sure to keep parents and their kids coming back again and again.

(1)  Pair of Capezio Daisy ballet shoes ($18)
(1)  Pair of Capezio Jr. Tyette Tap Shoes ($25)
(1)  Capezio Logo Drawstring Backpack ($8.50)
(1)  Limited Edition Do the Duckle Commemorative T-Shirt ($12.99)
(1)  Wisharoo Park 2-Disc, 13 Episode DVD Set ($19.99)
(6) Wisharoo Park Wish Star finger puppets ($19.98)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Zoobie Pet Review And Giveaway!

What is better than a cute stuffed animal for your little one? How about a stuffed animal that is filled with a blanket! Well that's what you get when you own your very own Zoobies Pet. These stuffed pets make a great gift for kids of all ages and they have the age selection so you can make sure that you get the pet that is just right for your childs age. We decided to go with the Blanket Pets product line so he would be able to grow into it and use it for a longer time period. Even better they had a turtle in stock since we call our son the turtle man so we had really lucked out on finding this one.

The turtle itself is 100% polyester (additional materials) and can be machine washed (the animal must be on delicate cycle)

with an overall dimension of L: 13.2" x W: 7.1" x H: 4.9". Inside the turtle is a purple super soft coral fleece blanket zipped

with the dimensions shown here. This Blanket Pet will make a great item to bring along for any road trips so your child can get bring a blanket, pillow, and a lovable animal. Our son had fun rolling around and snatching up his blanket and well he did try to eat it, but that is beside the point; the feel of the blanket and the animal made him laugh and smile. It makes for a great way to be able to buy both a blanket and stuffed animal for the price of one! Be sure to follow the company and like their Facebook page to get the most updates from the company for any other new animals the would come out with as your child's favorite animal may be next if they do not all ready have it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Teton Backpack Review and GIVEAWAY (Ends Sept. 14th)

With school coming up it is always a pain to make sure that you can find a great backpack that is just right for the price and will last you for a while. Well look no further the The Teton Professional Backpack is the backpack for you and if your the lucky winner you get to get it for free! This is a backpack that is built for quality and durability, with tough big zippers and even a handle that has both a cloth fiber handle and its bolted down with metal and a metal cord coated in plastic with another plastic handle encasing all of it.

It also sturdy straps that allow a slight recoil to happen to reduce the stress on you back with a spot to hang your glasses and put your cell phone; the part that touches your back also features an airflow design to reduce sweat and keep you cool.

Next you have your music pouch where you can put your headphones in through so your mp3 player can be safely stored in your backpack rather than in your pocket

Finally, on the outer most pocket we have a detachable organizer to keep all your small items in one spot such as eraser and lead for pencils

For the backpack displayed here it is the professioanl model with a size of 2000 cu in. or 38 liters. This is a backpack that feels strong and looks sleek. A must have item for any person in school or for occasional needs for a backpack.

If you would like to check out more information on this product or wish to purchase, please use this link below to direct you to a amazon to be able to place your order today!

TETON Sports Tech The Professional Backpack

You can also visit the company's page at:


For those twitter people click here!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lil' Persnickety Cloth Diaper Review

So my wife had went yet again in search of cloth diapers so we can get a wide variety of diapers and try each one to see which ones we would like the best to use for our son. When she came across the Dizzy Owl

diaper from Lil' Persnickety Cloth Diapers and the thing that had pulled her interest into this one is that it actually does not have a PUL lining or any other form of waterproofing and at first was worried that he may pee through it and soak anything he sits on. Now as it says you can add a cover to it if you want to make it waterproof, but they did state ". Urine is produced hourly at the rate of 1 ml of urine per kilogram of weight per hour.(1) Therefore if your baby weighs 10 kg or 22 lb she should urinate 10 ml per hour." therefore even if you did not change you baby for a few hours and there are 22 lb then the diaper which has a total soak amount of 881 ml then even if your child put out 10 ml per hour for 5 hours would only be 50 ml or using 5.7% of the diapers overall absorbency. So for around the house there should not be any need to use a cover (unless you do not change your child through out the whole day unlike ours who cries whenever he is a little wet) then this diaper is an excellent choice. The bamboo fiber (I love bamboo) makes it breathable down there for your child and since there is no waterproof lining if they sweat or wet it can actually dry and aerate that area. This diaper has worked perfectly for us and did not leak through when my son started fussing that he had peed. This makes it a good choice for us since we live in the heat of Arizona where being breezy and leak-proof should go hand in hand. Make sure to check out there page as you will love them just as much as we do.
You can also follow them on twitter!/lilpersnickety

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