Monday, August 22, 2011

Wubbanub Review

WubbaWHAT? I'll tell you what; for those of you who do not know what a wubbanub is, to simply put it, it is a stuffed animal with a binkie attached. What could be better! We all know just how much your children love to have their binkie while they run around with they stuffed animals flailing in the one hand. Well now they can have the cupcake and eat it too. (literally in some strange sense) For those of you who are visual learners here's a picture of what I am talking about

My son love this toy because it is easy for him to grab and since he is a baby, everything they pick up and touch must go into the mouth. So what better than a toy where they can do exactly that and these are leightweight so my son can pick him up without a problem. Intact he does not let it leave his side and will not take any other binkies. Heres a photo of my little man sleeping soundly with his animal.

Also since the binkie is attached to a toy it makes it harder to loose so when your child happens to throw it away from themselves you can find it without searching everywhere. So make this toy a part of your kids collection today!
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