Monday, August 8, 2011

Lil' Persnickety Cloth Diaper Review

So my wife had went yet again in search of cloth diapers so we can get a wide variety of diapers and try each one to see which ones we would like the best to use for our son. When she came across the Dizzy Owl

diaper from Lil' Persnickety Cloth Diapers and the thing that had pulled her interest into this one is that it actually does not have a PUL lining or any other form of waterproofing and at first was worried that he may pee through it and soak anything he sits on. Now as it says you can add a cover to it if you want to make it waterproof, but they did state ". Urine is produced hourly at the rate of 1 ml of urine per kilogram of weight per hour.(1) Therefore if your baby weighs 10 kg or 22 lb she should urinate 10 ml per hour." therefore even if you did not change you baby for a few hours and there are 22 lb then the diaper which has a total soak amount of 881 ml then even if your child put out 10 ml per hour for 5 hours would only be 50 ml or using 5.7% of the diapers overall absorbency. So for around the house there should not be any need to use a cover (unless you do not change your child through out the whole day unlike ours who cries whenever he is a little wet) then this diaper is an excellent choice. The bamboo fiber (I love bamboo) makes it breathable down there for your child and since there is no waterproof lining if they sweat or wet it can actually dry and aerate that area. This diaper has worked perfectly for us and did not leak through when my son started fussing that he had peed. This makes it a good choice for us since we live in the heat of Arizona where being breezy and leak-proof should go hand in hand. Make sure to check out there page as you will love them just as much as we do.
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