Saturday, August 13, 2011

Teton Backpack Review and GIVEAWAY (Ends Sept. 14th)

With school coming up it is always a pain to make sure that you can find a great backpack that is just right for the price and will last you for a while. Well look no further the The Teton Professional Backpack is the backpack for you and if your the lucky winner you get to get it for free! This is a backpack that is built for quality and durability, with tough big zippers and even a handle that has both a cloth fiber handle and its bolted down with metal and a metal cord coated in plastic with another plastic handle encasing all of it.

It also sturdy straps that allow a slight recoil to happen to reduce the stress on you back with a spot to hang your glasses and put your cell phone; the part that touches your back also features an airflow design to reduce sweat and keep you cool.

Next you have your music pouch where you can put your headphones in through so your mp3 player can be safely stored in your backpack rather than in your pocket

Finally, on the outer most pocket we have a detachable organizer to keep all your small items in one spot such as eraser and lead for pencils

For the backpack displayed here it is the professioanl model with a size of 2000 cu in. or 38 liters. This is a backpack that feels strong and looks sleek. A must have item for any person in school or for occasional needs for a backpack.

If you would like to check out more information on this product or wish to purchase, please use this link below to direct you to a amazon to be able to place your order today!

TETON Sports Tech The Professional Backpack

You can also visit the company's page at:


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