Monday, July 25, 2011

Bamboobies Reviews

First off I would like to inform all my readers and followers that I do not have boobs nor do the petite training bra size nipples I have leak in the slightest, so now that I can dispel anyone's confusion about how a man would do a review; well my wife is the one to actually use the product and can give some great info to anyone who is interested in the great differences between cotton and bamboo breast pads. however i can give some differences between cotton and bamboo that make bamboo a much better product for you to consider. the one best thing in regards to bamboo is that itbis a natural antimicrobial agent which is a most obvious decision to start off with because you wouldnt want to eat spoiled milk that is full of germs and bacteria correct? so why wouldnt you help stop those leaks and naturally kill any bacteria that make devlop on yand around your boob? because we all know that germs and bacteria are bad especially for newborns and since washing your boobs with soap can dry out your skin and while you breast feed it would make it easier for you to get cracked and broken skin. therefore keeping them protected without needed to santize as often keeps you and your baby happy. the next great thing about bamboo is it soaks up a lot more water per inch than cottonso for those of you super leakers that way you do not need to change your pad every hour. then the last thing about bamboo is that it actually stays with your bodys natural regulation in body tempurature instead of heating up your boobies with cotton making them leak more your bamboobies will allow a better cool down with means less leakage.

now for the product in question we have their regular heart shapped boobie pad which is a excellent buy since it has a outer sell that blocks any milk from escaping and destroying your clothes. its lightweight, thin, and flexible so no one would notice you wearing it. now for those earlier mentioned heavy leaker they do have the overnight bamboobie whcih is perfect for nighttime since it is thick and can soak up everything you dish out to it. for anyone who needs a good, reliable, and reusable breast pad these come out on tops.

currently i  working from my mobile device and unable to post direct links to the company but please check out my wifes page for more information or google search bamboobies.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boon Creatures Review and Giveaway! (ENDS 8/21)

From the same makers from my wife's blog for the Boon Odd Duck Review and ***GIVEAWAY*** comes another exciting product in their line of bath toys; presenting the Creatures!
These cute, interchangeable creatures make for a fun and captivating bath time, both you and your child can have fun splashing and mixing up the creatures. Since the tops have holes in them it also helps to develop your child's hand eye coordination by making them pour the water into the bottom of the creature. This also makes your little one want to have a fun bath time instead of crying. Of course as with any toy you want to ensure it safe for your little one and these creatures are BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free, so for your kids who just love to try to eat anything this is safe for them to chew and not get any toxic chemicals. They come in handy when washing your kid too by allowing you to bathe your new born since they can only have sponge bathes or have the ablity to gently pour the water over them to keep them warm and while you wash them. No matter what your child's age is, it is an great addition to help both you and your kids have an easier and more fun bath time.

Now on to the good part The GIVEAWAY for your chance to win this excellent bath toy!
Please see my giveaway rules page for more details on the entry process.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tomme Tippee Bottle Product Review

So in my ever expanding quest to find the perfect bottle to feed my son his milk-a-milks I had initially bought a few bottles from some of the most common companies that you can even find in some gas stations (a bit sarcastic with that remark, meant to get the point across) and there was a couple that worked well enough to get most of the milk in his belly but I came to realize that not all bottles are created equal. So me and the wifey went in search of better bottles we found a couple that were better than the ones that we had, but soon wanted to try them all to see which would best suit our needs for our son. We had found this bottle at a Babies"R"Us and became more interested when we saw their tag line of "closer to nature" and we looked and and saw that it had a bunch of great features we were looking for.

This gives you a glance at the information that we saw at the store, the main items that we knew we needed was a bottle that acted more like a boob since my wife also breastfeeds as well as an item that did not create a vacuum within the bottle making it hard for your little one to suck the milk out and cause the air to suck through the nipple tip creating bubbles in the milk that can damage the nutrition in the milk supply due to oxidation of the essential vitamins and minerals. This was a bottle that could do the two main things we were looking for with out needed to have a straw vent to redirect the air to the back or have the air come in through the bottle giving the bottle an easier chance to leak out on your child as well as give you a headache in washing all the parts and putting the bottle back together while you scramble to find parts with your little one crying waiting for you to hurry up and get the milk ready. Instead their ingenious design allows the air to flow into the bottle at an easy pace without rushing or slowing down your little ones feeding habit and having the bottle have the same number of part to clean as standard bottle (aka the nipple, screw for nipple to bottle, and bottle). So we had got the boys blue bottle for my son which I love because the bottle is a translucent blue that also has designs on unlike most bottle which is either plain or colorless with some design on it.
The bottle itself works just how we thought it would allowing my son to be able to eat without all the bubbles in the milk and suction effect, so he was able to not be as gassy afterwards nor did he drool out any milk all over his face. These fact for me make it the prime choice for anyone who has not been fully satisfied with their bottles they have used in the past, but hey take my word or don't either way I strongly recommend you check them out.

Twitter: @TommeeTippee_NA

Go get your very own Tommee Tippee today and quit your search for the perfect bottle!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Side Bar Out loud Note

REALLY have to start using paragraph to separate my thoughts! Silly grammar and proper writing is catching up with me. :P

Crunchy N Yummy Snacks Review

So in a "recent" and I say recent review by my wife and her side of the family even if it was a couple weeks ago, I have had the chance to be able to put up what I think of these snack-able treats. Due to my almost obsessive work habits and picking up all the overtime I could snag the past couple weeks I have finally have a  free moment to put my thoughts up. If you all want to please visit my wife's profile (the link is on the top of my blog) to see her review and her thoughts about it. So the snacks we got are freeze dried snack bags that can replace the junk food that you give your kids for their lunches or as a great snack for any time of day. The great thing about freeze drying the fruits is it locks in the nutrients and keeps them NATURALLY preserved meaning no harsh or unknown side effects of preservatives, it also locks in the fresh taste of the fruit as if it was ripe that day. Another great thing about this particular brand is that they really are crunchy so it mimics the crunch of potato chips that anyone can enjoy. The snack then easily melts in your mouth so even the youngest children can eat them without a problem like the special flavored snacks that they make for children, but real fruit so your not guessing why those child cheerios melt so easy. We had gotten 5 different flavors to taste and write about so the first one i wen to try was the one  thought I would like the best, which was the strawberries, because who doesn't love the taste of a fresh juicy strawberry. The taste was excellent and still felt like it was coming straight from the vine and had and nice tart pop as it melted down which got my taste buds popping. On a side note the nutrition for this pack a strawberry has an excellent source of calcium and even has 12% of your daily fiber! Without further delay I tried the bananas expecting the same great quality from the first bag of fruit. For those of you who have tried banana baby food and loved it as much as I do (hey if you have a kid you have to try their food sometime and experiencing it first hand) the crunch was that of Cheetos with a warm banana filled taste to flood your mouth and this bad of fruit has a good source of magnesium, which is much needed in the body as it can help prevent asthma and diabetes for your children (see wiki link [P.S. wiki should not have as bad of a reputation as it does]) and many other healthy effects so make sure they get their fill of these banana chips. Now I am not too much a fan of pineapple and you can ask my wife that but they did eat it for me but since I did not try it i can at least say it does ave a good source of vitamin C, fiber, iron and magnesium. Next we had our papaya, to which I am up and down about the taste of because papaya I think is good when mixed but alone does not satisfy my palate but it did keep in the flavor of the actual fruit very well and has an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, and magnesium. Finally was the mango which I love this fruit and so I made sure to save it for the very end, and in turn eating it made me feel like I was back in Hawaii relaxing on the beach and chopping into a mango right from the vine, the great thing about this is you get all the wonderful parts of the mango without the juicy mess it makes and having to remove the bitter coating protecting the fruit which makes it to the top of my list. All together this is a great and delicious way to have healthier and tasty snacks that you can enjoy whenever and not feel guilty about eating later. I give it an over 4.5/5 stars ****/ for the overall total for the product. Remember please visit my wife's blog to read up more on it and go to the companies web pages to order an all you can eat treat.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Things First

I think I need to go ahead and establish first who I am and the what about me's that make me who I am. To start I am a proud cloth diapering dad with a uncanny attitude towards saving as much money as I can on just about everything, for instance I go shopping at Costco because I can buy four pack of bacon there for the same price as one pack at a regular grocery store. So the idea became only simply obvious to me when me and my wife saw other cloth diapering parents talk about the cost savings per year and to me they talked on and on about all the other facts about them, but it looked like it was too much of a struggle to deal with initially, when the topic of money came up however it did grasp the little puppet strings in the back of my head and my eyes lit up with dollar sign $_$. After my son was born and me all ready having to hit the store two weeks later to pick up another pack of newborn diapers I sat there in the aisle calculating just which disposable diaper brand was the cheapest per diaper when the question of "man this is going to cost a fortune, how can I save me some more money", well now my head went back to exhibit A *ding* cloth diapers, so I got a hold over supply of the diapers and went to the wife to denounce that we needed to get cloth diapers. She looked at me quite shocked and said wow do you really want to? Of course the idea was very clear to me and we did some further research into cloth diapering and came across a bunch of disturbing news about disposables, such as, and do not quote me due to the method in-which they bleach the paper for disposable there is an inclined risk of toxemia to babies. Now as to how many cases there are in regards to this I am not too sure but there is a number of other health and NUMEROUS environmental risks involved in disposable, one site said that as much as 50% of all landfills in america contain these menaces. I am one to be so quick to jump to causes to help the environment but I do like to help whenever I can (if only my apartment had recycling) but when it comes to numbers like that and other data such as there was one town that did try to recycle all the disposables that went to the landfill and was finally not able to effectively recycle them and gave up it became a big issue to me. This plus the fact my sons circumcision was coming up and the easiest way to get toxemia is right through an open wound I was not comfortable at all with the possibility. So we went and bought a whole lot of cloth diapers in our case we went with Best Bottoms not realizing just how many cloth diaper companies there are out there as well as the differences between them all and which ones work the best. So with my blog I hereby state I will give the most accurate and knowledgeable reviews on cloth diapers or any other product that can help out the community as a whole in making the best purchase decisions available to them. Sure would have liked it if I could have been better informed with all the purchases I have made. So let's get cracking and down to business.
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