Monday, July 18, 2011

Tomme Tippee Bottle Product Review

So in my ever expanding quest to find the perfect bottle to feed my son his milk-a-milks I had initially bought a few bottles from some of the most common companies that you can even find in some gas stations (a bit sarcastic with that remark, meant to get the point across) and there was a couple that worked well enough to get most of the milk in his belly but I came to realize that not all bottles are created equal. So me and the wifey went in search of better bottles we found a couple that were better than the ones that we had, but soon wanted to try them all to see which would best suit our needs for our son. We had found this bottle at a Babies"R"Us and became more interested when we saw their tag line of "closer to nature" and we looked and and saw that it had a bunch of great features we were looking for.

This gives you a glance at the information that we saw at the store, the main items that we knew we needed was a bottle that acted more like a boob since my wife also breastfeeds as well as an item that did not create a vacuum within the bottle making it hard for your little one to suck the milk out and cause the air to suck through the nipple tip creating bubbles in the milk that can damage the nutrition in the milk supply due to oxidation of the essential vitamins and minerals. This was a bottle that could do the two main things we were looking for with out needed to have a straw vent to redirect the air to the back or have the air come in through the bottle giving the bottle an easier chance to leak out on your child as well as give you a headache in washing all the parts and putting the bottle back together while you scramble to find parts with your little one crying waiting for you to hurry up and get the milk ready. Instead their ingenious design allows the air to flow into the bottle at an easy pace without rushing or slowing down your little ones feeding habit and having the bottle have the same number of part to clean as standard bottle (aka the nipple, screw for nipple to bottle, and bottle). So we had got the boys blue bottle for my son which I love because the bottle is a translucent blue that also has designs on unlike most bottle which is either plain or colorless with some design on it.
The bottle itself works just how we thought it would allowing my son to be able to eat without all the bubbles in the milk and suction effect, so he was able to not be as gassy afterwards nor did he drool out any milk all over his face. These fact for me make it the prime choice for anyone who has not been fully satisfied with their bottles they have used in the past, but hey take my word or don't either way I strongly recommend you check them out.

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Go get your very own Tommee Tippee today and quit your search for the perfect bottle!


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