Monday, July 11, 2011

Crunchy N Yummy Snacks Review

So in a "recent" and I say recent review by my wife and her side of the family even if it was a couple weeks ago, I have had the chance to be able to put up what I think of these snack-able treats. Due to my almost obsessive work habits and picking up all the overtime I could snag the past couple weeks I have finally have a  free moment to put my thoughts up. If you all want to please visit my wife's profile (the link is on the top of my blog) to see her review and her thoughts about it. So the snacks we got are freeze dried snack bags that can replace the junk food that you give your kids for their lunches or as a great snack for any time of day. The great thing about freeze drying the fruits is it locks in the nutrients and keeps them NATURALLY preserved meaning no harsh or unknown side effects of preservatives, it also locks in the fresh taste of the fruit as if it was ripe that day. Another great thing about this particular brand is that they really are crunchy so it mimics the crunch of potato chips that anyone can enjoy. The snack then easily melts in your mouth so even the youngest children can eat them without a problem like the special flavored snacks that they make for children, but real fruit so your not guessing why those child cheerios melt so easy. We had gotten 5 different flavors to taste and write about so the first one i wen to try was the one  thought I would like the best, which was the strawberries, because who doesn't love the taste of a fresh juicy strawberry. The taste was excellent and still felt like it was coming straight from the vine and had and nice tart pop as it melted down which got my taste buds popping. On a side note the nutrition for this pack a strawberry has an excellent source of calcium and even has 12% of your daily fiber! Without further delay I tried the bananas expecting the same great quality from the first bag of fruit. For those of you who have tried banana baby food and loved it as much as I do (hey if you have a kid you have to try their food sometime and experiencing it first hand) the crunch was that of Cheetos with a warm banana filled taste to flood your mouth and this bad of fruit has a good source of magnesium, which is much needed in the body as it can help prevent asthma and diabetes for your children (see wiki link [P.S. wiki should not have as bad of a reputation as it does]) and many other healthy effects so make sure they get their fill of these banana chips. Now I am not too much a fan of pineapple and you can ask my wife that but they did eat it for me but since I did not try it i can at least say it does ave a good source of vitamin C, fiber, iron and magnesium. Next we had our papaya, to which I am up and down about the taste of because papaya I think is good when mixed but alone does not satisfy my palate but it did keep in the flavor of the actual fruit very well and has an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, and magnesium. Finally was the mango which I love this fruit and so I made sure to save it for the very end, and in turn eating it made me feel like I was back in Hawaii relaxing on the beach and chopping into a mango right from the vine, the great thing about this is you get all the wonderful parts of the mango without the juicy mess it makes and having to remove the bitter coating protecting the fruit which makes it to the top of my list. All together this is a great and delicious way to have healthier and tasty snacks that you can enjoy whenever and not feel guilty about eating later. I give it an over 4.5/5 stars ****/ for the overall total for the product. Remember please visit my wife's blog to read up more on it and go to the companies web pages to order an all you can eat treat.


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