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My family, and I would be delighted to review, and potentially host a giveaway of your product! We are interested in reviewing family friendly products including (but not limited to):
- Modern cloth diapers, and cloth diapering accessories;
- Educational items (toys, games, activities, etc.);
- Children's books;
- Other "baby gear" (anything baby really);
- Clothing (Baby, Daddy, and Mama);
- Gadgets, and electronics;
- Organic, or Natural health, and beauty products;
- Home furnishings, and decor;
- Kitchenware;
- Storage, and organization, etc.!

What Reviews on this blog include:

I will enthusiastically review your family friendly product on my blog. My detail-oriented, and in-depth blogging will give my readers information about your company, and your product through facts, and completely honest opinions expressed by me, and my family. I will post pictures of my family, and I using your product, and/or use pictures from your website. My review will include click-through links to your website, and social media sites to corresponding, and applicable text. If we run into any problems, or have concerns while conducting the review, I will contact you before posting the review to ensure that the fault is not my own. Once I review your product, I will send you a direct link to where it may be viewed on my blog. You are welcome to add a discount, coupon code, or giveaway to the review at no charge. If I enjoy your product, I will encourage my readers to purchase your product.

Review & Giveaway guidelines:

In order to accurately, and honestly review your product, I will require a full-sized sample. The sample that I receive for the review, will not be returned, nor used as the prize in the giveaway. Please allow 2-8 weeks for a review to be completed as I am first, and foremost a Mama. If you need your review by a certain date, please specify. If you are interested in adding a giveaway to the review, at no charge, the following forms of giveaway prizes are acceptable: the same product as reviewed (difference in color/print is allowed), and a gift certificate/store credit. If offering a gift certificate, or store credit, it must be enough to purchase at least 1 item, as well as cover shipping, and handling costs. When the giveaway is over, I will choose a winner using "". I will e-mail the winner, as well as e-mail you their address, and/or e-mail address so you can ship out their prize. It is your responsibility to ensure the winner receives their prize in a timely manner.

Why should you give away your product:

Adding a giveaway of your product to your review will give your company exposure on an up, and coming blog with a growing number of readers. The giveaway will increase your exposure, web traffic, fan base, and in turn, your sales. My readers generally share the same values, and interests as I do. If I like your product, and encourage my readers to purchase it, they will begin to do the same!

My family, and I look forward to helping you promote your product!

If you would like your product reviewed on this blog, please contact me at ianothere (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.
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