Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Things First

I think I need to go ahead and establish first who I am and the what about me's that make me who I am. To start I am a proud cloth diapering dad with a uncanny attitude towards saving as much money as I can on just about everything, for instance I go shopping at Costco because I can buy four pack of bacon there for the same price as one pack at a regular grocery store. So the idea became only simply obvious to me when me and my wife saw other cloth diapering parents talk about the cost savings per year and to me they talked on and on about all the other facts about them, but it looked like it was too much of a struggle to deal with initially, when the topic of money came up however it did grasp the little puppet strings in the back of my head and my eyes lit up with dollar sign $_$. After my son was born and me all ready having to hit the store two weeks later to pick up another pack of newborn diapers I sat there in the aisle calculating just which disposable diaper brand was the cheapest per diaper when the question of "man this is going to cost a fortune, how can I save me some more money", well now my head went back to exhibit A *ding* cloth diapers, so I got a hold over supply of the diapers and went to the wife to denounce that we needed to get cloth diapers. She looked at me quite shocked and said wow do you really want to? Of course the idea was very clear to me and we did some further research into cloth diapering and came across a bunch of disturbing news about disposables, such as, and do not quote me due to the method in-which they bleach the paper for disposable there is an inclined risk of toxemia to babies. Now as to how many cases there are in regards to this I am not too sure but there is a number of other health and NUMEROUS environmental risks involved in disposable, one site said that as much as 50% of all landfills in america contain these menaces. I am one to be so quick to jump to causes to help the environment but I do like to help whenever I can (if only my apartment had recycling) but when it comes to numbers like that and other data such as there was one town that did try to recycle all the disposables that went to the landfill and was finally not able to effectively recycle them and gave up it became a big issue to me. This plus the fact my sons circumcision was coming up and the easiest way to get toxemia is right through an open wound I was not comfortable at all with the possibility. So we went and bought a whole lot of cloth diapers in our case we went with Best Bottoms not realizing just how many cloth diaper companies there are out there as well as the differences between them all and which ones work the best. So with my blog I hereby state I will give the most accurate and knowledgeable reviews on cloth diapers or any other product that can help out the community as a whole in making the best purchase decisions available to them. Sure would have liked it if I could have been better informed with all the purchases I have made. So let's get cracking and down to business.


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