Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boon Creatures Review and Giveaway! (ENDS 8/21)

From the same makers from my wife's blog for the Boon Odd Duck Review and ***GIVEAWAY*** comes another exciting product in their line of bath toys; presenting the Creatures!
These cute, interchangeable creatures make for a fun and captivating bath time, both you and your child can have fun splashing and mixing up the creatures. Since the tops have holes in them it also helps to develop your child's hand eye coordination by making them pour the water into the bottom of the creature. This also makes your little one want to have a fun bath time instead of crying. Of course as with any toy you want to ensure it safe for your little one and these creatures are BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free, so for your kids who just love to try to eat anything this is safe for them to chew and not get any toxic chemicals. They come in handy when washing your kid too by allowing you to bathe your new born since they can only have sponge bathes or have the ablity to gently pour the water over them to keep them warm and while you wash them. No matter what your child's age is, it is an great addition to help both you and your kids have an easier and more fun bath time.

Now on to the good part The GIVEAWAY for your chance to win this excellent bath toy!
Please see my giveaway rules page for more details on the entry process.


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my apologies everyone about the blog switch for the second entry. My wife did switch to a new blog and i never updated he form so I WILL count all entries for that ticket and any theres relating to her old account but please follow her at

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