Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meeno Babies Review and GIVEAWAY!

Whew, talk about summer heat huh? This summer has been rough for a lot of families throughout the U.S. especially with the really bad heat wave the struck a lot of east coasters. Now stop and think... if I was sitting in a stroller being pushed around all day in the heat even I would over heat and sweat as an adult which can lead me to dehydration and even serious hot weather injuries. Well think how your little one feels because they can not produce sweat as easily as when can and even if and when they do start sweating a lot their bodies still do not cool off as easily as our own and for all of you out there with newborns when they are out in the heat or sweating all day long even with regular feeding they might be sweating out more water than their tiny tummies are able to hold. Mind you force hydration on a newborn is never safe and they might be too full and puke any fluids up well your left with two options take your child to the hospital or take preventative measures in assuring your child stays cool and will not over heat.

This is where Meeno Babies comes to the rescue, their three ply seat covers allow for cool air to flow to your child and take out any hot air or sweat that your child may have allowing them to keep cool in these hot summer months.

Not only that but these are all season seat liners that have been crash tested, so you know it is safe to use in your vehicle. I live in a hot and dry state out in the west coast so I understand the need to be cool so when we saw this online we knew that this was something that our could not do without and even though we ohly take our walks when the sun starts going out it still can have tempuratures of 90°. When I come ome from work I even get all sweaty where my body touches my seat, why should you let your kids suffer the same thing. So we wanted to be safer than sorry so we made to sure to get him a stroller seat liner which has really helped us out in keeper him cool and breezy.
So here is you chance to win your very own Meeno Baby liner!!!
For those of you who want to follow or keep updated with the company please enter the raffle copter form for saying that you liked them or followed them on twitter and receive an extra entry for that!
Purchase your own here!
Finally please make sure you visit their site and tell me which one you want.

Keep cool and have a great rest of the summer everyone!


Holly Wilson said...

Car Seat in Quicksilver

ak062003 said...

stroller in desert sand!

Melissa said...

I would choose Car seat style in jet black! Thanks for the giveaway!

Melissa said...

I'd choose the car seat liner in Quick Silver. Thanks!

Terra Shishido said...

Car Seat one in Blue

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